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Bieberstein Forum for Environment and Development is a Conference Facility. It seeks to serve small groups & engages in advancement of environmental & international development causes.

Director: Dr. Maritta Koch-Weser

Bieberstein is located some 20 miles south-west of Dresden, and at a 2 hour drive from Berlin. It can be easily reached via Dresden airport, as well as from the slightly more distant Leipzig airport.

Bieberstein is a Saxon Castle founded in the 13th Century. Today's main building dates from the Baroque era. It has the ambience of a private estate, and is located in beautiful country side setting, surrounded by forests, creeks and meadows.

Bieberstein Forum offers:
    A large 17th century hall
    Several smaller meeting and break out rooms
    Modern conference equipment
    Moderator Services, if requested

    In its charming living and dining rooms
    During the summer also outdoors

    Bieberstein Forum cooperates with and provides transportation to close-by hotels, in addition to making a small number of own guest rooms available.

    Guided Nature Walks
    Excursions to close-by historic sites, museums and cultural events
    Small candle-light concerts can be arranged on-site

    Please contact Bieberstein Forum at info@biebersteinforum.org

Schloss Bieberstein
Kreis Freiberg, Sachsen
Am Rittergut 8
Tel. +49-037324-8969-0
Fax +49-037324-8969-9